Swiss Honeynet Project

The Swiss Honeynet Project was founded in 2014 as a regional chapter of the honynet.org organisation. Existing as a not-for-profit organisation whose aim it is to support and propagate the essential work around honeypots and honeynets.

The central goal of the group is to provide analytics and demonstrate threat intelligence relating to global and local threats in/around and towards Switzerland.

What is a honeypot?

Essentially, a honeypot is a decoy entity which exists on the computer network with the intentional purpose of deceiving a “would-be” attacker. It’s designed to look attractive and so entice someone’s curiosity to look at it, hack it, mess with it and then get tracked by it.

For a more official and concise definition please refer to the following wiki entry: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Honeypot_(computing)